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Boost Your WFH Experience with these 5 Items

It’s 2021 — gone are the days when we have to twist ourselves into a pretzel to conform to the limitations of our workspaces! With Work-From-Home (WFH) and Home-Based Learning (HBL) being the default mode of operation for most businesses and educational institutions of today, it is essential that we invest in the right equipment to maximise comfort and productivity working at home, and to reduce those pesky back and neckaches.

In this post, we will introduce 5 must-have items to make WFH and HBL a sustainable arrangement (physically, mentally and emotionally) in the long run:

1. Koncept Z-Bar Lamps

The quirky Z-Bar Lamps by award-winning brand Koncept turns your workspace into a light-optimised area with its superb functionality and minimal aesthetics. Bend it, twist it or rotate it — this flexible, streamlined design can be twisted to suit your requirements and preferences, providing multiple usable configurations to choose from.

Plus, the intuitive on/off functionality comes with a light dimming option, providing additional flexibility in catering to your individual comfort levels!

Now available at S$250 (U.P. S$278) (Mini) / S$289 (U.P. S$318) (Slim).

2. Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Ergonomics is the buzzword when it comes to enhancing your long term productivity working from home. Especially for the humble mouse, where an average person makes at least 3000, if not more, mouse clicks per day!* To avoid common ailments like muscle strain and body aches arising from poor posture, it is important to not overlook the significance of investing in the right mouse.

Logitech’s MX Vertical Wireless Ergonomic Mouse combines science-driven design with extensive ergonomics research, specially created for a comfortable fit. With their unique 57° vertical angle design, this helps you improve your wrist posture and effectively reduce the pressure on your wrist, with your thumb positioned comfortably on the thumb rest.

Now available at S$149 (U.P. S$169).

3. One by Wacom Digital Tablet

There are some things a computer can do, and some which a pen-and-paper can do better. When it comes to freestyle sketches, drawing and taking notes, the humble pen remains the victor in giving you the flexibility to express yourself freely.

The One by Wacom tablet gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you the versatility of pen-and-paper drawings, while automatically digitising all your work and allowing you to scribble onto your softcopy files and apps directly.

Now available at S$79 (U.P. S$85) for the Small size.

4. Adjustable table

If you find yourself conforming to awkward postures to suit your table, perhaps it’s time for a change. How about letting your table adjust to fit your needs instead?

Here are some nifty benefits from Flujo’s SmartARC Dual Motor Ergonomic Desk:

  • The perfect table height for every family member
    • With the 4 memory presets in the Flujo table’s smart control panel, quickly navigate to the perfect table height for all members in the family with the push of a button
  • Great for standing or sitting
    • Be it a standing posture to curb post-lunch food coma or a standard sitting down position, the Flujo table can rise (no apologies for the pun!) to the occasion whenever you want it to
  • Anti-collision technology
    • The SmartARC’s built-in anti-collision technology prevents accidental knocks on chairs and objects as the table adjusts up or down.

Now available at S$679 (U.P. S$729).

5. Posture-perfect chair

With long hours spent sitting in front of computers, cases of backaches and sore muscles are set to increase. The unprecedented widespread WFH situation resulting from the pandemic has therefore made quality workspace chairs one of necessity, and not just a luxury.

And who can best understand these challenges than hardcore gamers themselves? No strangers to long hours of ‘work’ in front of the computer, gamers know the importance and value the right chair can bring to their lives.

Designed by gamers, the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair with Support is a luxe workspace chair that primes you for long hours of sitting down. Their adjustable, ergonomic lumbar support system literally has your back; ensuring you have the best seated posture at all times.

Now available at S$649.90 (U.P. S$749.90).

With these recommendations in place, you can now look forward to having a more enjoyable time working and studying from home!

*Demo units for all products featured in this blogpost are available at NUS Co-op@LT27.