Try These Dino-tastic Activities for School Holidays this December

Stuck at home? Not travelling anywhere for School Holidays this year?

It’s nearing the end of the year - and that means that school holidays are coming! While the kids are cheering, as a parent you might already be racking your brains to concoct ideas that can: keep your kids entertained, happy and hopefully also learn a new thing or two this holiday… does it even exist? Don’t worry, we have racked our brains, so you don’t have to!

In this post, we share with you 5 Dino-tastic ideas that can wow and bring home new learnings for every kid.

Dig the Dinosaur kit series

When kids dream, they dream big. Wonder what it’s like to be an archaeologist? Let them try their hands at unearthing treasures and uncover their natural aptitude for archaeology with the Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton kit! Experience the tactile pleasures as they knock, dig and hunt for ancient fossils.

After all the pieces have been uncovered, assemble them to create their very own dinosaur specimen and display it proudly for friends to see.

Choose from a T-rex, Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus — which is their favourite dinosaur species?

Price till 31 Dec 2021: $13.52 (Usual price: $16.90)

Interactive Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Have you ever seen a real-life, living dinosaur in this age? Of course not! However, with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, you can now get as close as you can to the next best thing.

Watch dinosaurs come to life - moving, popping out on every page in the Interactive Dinosaur Encyclopedia. Simply view them through your phone or tablet by downloading a free AR app. Dinosaurs have never been so close to us!

Informative, fun and entertaining, this book brings out the adventurer in every kid. It takes the meaning of reading to a whole new level, guaranteeing hours of indoors and outdoors fun for both adults and children alike.

Price till 31 Dec 2021: $31.92 (Usual price: $39.90)

World of Science comics series

The World of Science comics series is a series of books that educate children with scientific knowledge, while making it fun and engaging. By utilising Augmented Reality technology, be wowed as the animals come alive on your phone app, offering another dimension of play into the learning experience.

This series includes: Adventures with Birds, Adventures with Insects, Adventures with Aquatic Creatures and Adventures in the Human Body.

The topics covered are in line with the Singapore Primary School Science Syllabus and the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum, making them an excellent complementary material to their studies.

Price till 31 Dec 2021: $12.76 (Usual price: $15.95)

Flats 4D Animal Puzzles

If your kid has a knack for solving puzzles, challenge them to fix a 3D puzzle this time! Specially imported from Japan, the Flats 4D Art Puzzle laser cut cardboard puzzle pieces can be assembled together without the need for scissors or glue.

The end result is a sophisticated-looking abstract animal model, which can double up nicely as home decor too!

Assorted designs available. Price till 31 Dec 2021: From $27.12 (Usual price: From $33.90)

Crystal Growing Colour Changing Crystal Light kit

Watch your kids (and maybe even yourself) go starry-eyed as you witness your ‘pet’ crystal grow from a seed, to a fully-formed one in a matter of days! A project that is both scientific as it is artistic, the Crystal Growing Colour Changing Crystal Light kit allows both parents and kids to create and grow their own crystals together. Marvel at the wonders of nature, all from the comfort of your home!

Once the crystals have grown, create a stunning display with them by placing them on a colour-changing LED base.

Assorted designs available. Price till 31 Dec 2021: From $11.92 (Usual price: From $14.90)

Go on a day trip to see real dinosaur bones at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

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If dinosaur-themed toys and books are not enough to satisfy your kids’ curiosity, consider planning a day trip to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Come face to face with 3 live-sized Sauropod dinosaur skeletons, as well as over 2000 other natural history specimens!

Learning has never been more fun than seeing the real thing for yourselves. Also, the Museum offers free volunteer-led guided tours* in limited slots on the weekends, on a first-come-first-serve basis (subject to change depending on existing SMM restrictions). Leave the teaching to the hands of the expert volunteers so you can focus on enjoying the experience as a family!
*Visitors can check the museum website for dates and times of free tours

An additional perk — museum tickets are free for all existing NUS students and staff. Check out their website for more details.

$1 Cornetto Ice cream (worth $1.80)

Last but not least, if you are dropping by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, don’t forget to treat yourself to a Vanilla Cornetto ice-cream for JUST $1 (Usual price: $1.80) from now till 31 Dec 2021*, redeemable at The Museum Shop.

*Coupons for this promotion will be given at the ticketing counter. Limited to the first 100 ticket holders, each ticket entitles you to one coupon. T&Cs apply.

P.S. From now till 31 December 2021, enjoy 20% off all children’s books and toys when you shop in-store at The Museum Shop, or online.

Now that you’re armed with these ideas, which ones would you and your family be trying out this holiday?