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I will be graduating in 2023 and I am from the faculty of Science. The book award has benefitted me as I could buy a tablet that my brother and I could use for our studies. Students who are thinking of applying for the book award should definitely try to apply, as this can help them in purchasing useful school supplies from NUS Co-op. Don't worry too much!

- H.C. , Faculty of Science

I am the recipient of Book Award 2020, and it has benefitted me. The $400 NUS Co-op voucher allowed me to buy computer accessories (sd card, pc monitor, mouse, keyboard, labcoats) which is essential for covid term. This has helped me to save a sum and alleviate my financial burden. All thanks to this book award.

For students out there who are applying for this award, you are at the right page. Don't belittle the $400 voucher as it could help you buy stuff like computer accessories, stationeries, labcoats which can help in your course of study in NUS.

- Christina Oh, Faculty of Science (Life Sciences)

[The Award] helped me in affording electronics that were necessary for my online classes such as extra ports, webcam, storing devices and more. I wouldn't have to worry about being unable to afford such devices, and it really helped alleviate the cost that i would otherwise have to find ways to fork out.

This book award has helped me greatly, especially in my family's financial situation. with the need to juggle both studies and part time work, this really helps as the bare necessities such as mouse, keyboard and other basic electronic devices are readily available.

- Crystalbelle Chua, Faculty of Science

This Book Award has definitely benefitted me greatly. It has provided me with the finances needed to purchase some of my academic necessities. My most recent purchase was the lab coat from Co-Op, which I had to use for my laboratory work in my course of study (Chemical Engineering) this semester. Future purchases that I might consider from Co-Op would be academic textbooks, which will be beneficial for some of my Engineering Modules.

I highly encourage students to apply for the NUS Co-Op Book Award, as this Book Award has allowed me to make the necessary purchases from NUS Co-Op without the need to worry about my finances.

- Loo Hong Wei, Faculty of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)

I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to NUS Co-op for providing Book Award to financially needy students as well as the Book Award team who has kindly provided clear information on the application process and requirement and carefully reviewing the numerous applications.

As a student in FoE and SoC - having a full computer set (Monitor - keyboard - cooling fan, mouse - etc) is something that most of my friends have and something that would be very nice for me to have. However, I would think that the aforementioned are just 'Nice-to-have(s)' and not neccessary. Hence, with my tight budget, I have always suppresed my desire to actually get a full set. In any case - I could always go to my school's computer lab to study - I have always said to myself.

Fortunately, I am grateful that I received the opportunity to be awarded the Book Award which allowed me to actually obtained the aforementioned items so I can study comfortably in my own room and save alot of time and energy from travelling to school's lab back and forth. I was really touched when I actually finished setting up my computer set-up in my own room. A massive appreciation to the NUS COOP team!

Applying for this award is definitely one of the better choices that I have made in life!

So - for students are less financially privileged (like me) who are still considering whether you should apply for the Book Award - I would say that you should go for it! The selection team will carefully review your application and you should not worry much about this!

I hope by reading this, I could motivate you to apply for the Book Award 2021! All the best for your application!

- Raymond Fendy Julianto, Faculty of Engineering, minor in Data Engineering

The book award was useful for me, my 5-year-old laptop had crashed, and I needed to get another device to take down my notes, so with the book award, I purchased an iPad that has really benefitted my studies and made my life so much more convenient.

If you are considering applying for the book award, please go ahead and apply! Help is available wherever you need it, and Co-op is extremely generous to give back to the financially disadvantaged NUS students, so do apply for the award if you need it!

- Kenric Tan, Faculty of Science (Nursing)

The Co-Op Book Award has constantly empowered me to acquire new knowledge through reading alongside financing technological expenditure required amidst COVID-19. The support extended from the Co-Op Book Award remains invaluable, and the knowledge gained from the book purchases has shaped me to be who I am today. I certainly look forward to paying it forward through engaging youths with my community involvements.

The Co-Op Book Award Board is fully focused on promoting the values of caring for others. Don't be afraid to tell your story about your past, present and future. The Book Award is purposed to help you when in need, feel free to come forward to apply for it!

- Lee Zhao Yi Charles, Faculty of Engineering

With the bursary, I was able to defray the costs of purchasing expensive medical textbooks. These books enriched my clinical knowledge and enabled me to provide the best form of medical care for my patients.

I am grateful for NUS Co-op for their kind generosity and I will strive to give back to the society to the best of my abilities after graduation.

- Neo Zheng Wei, Kenneth, Duke-NUS Medical School

The Book Award’s generous quantum really helped a lot to ease the cost of textbooks I had to buy which were otherwise unavailable online (especially the newer eds). I was able to spend my then limited budget on other day to day items which really took a heavy load off my shoulders =)

• Any words of encouragement for students who are thinking of applying for the Book Award?

Go for it! You never know when the vouchers would come in useful.

- Seah En Qi, Faculty of SDE

Book Award has provided me support for stationery, printing services and IT accessories which give me an ease of mind without troubling about the additional expenses required throughout my undergraduate year

• Any words of encouragement for students who are thinking of applying for the Book Award?

Appreciate every single help/support provided no matter how small it is and be thankful that there are these group of generous and kind soul who is willing to help us. When we are more capable no matter physically or financially, continue the spirit of giving and sharing to help others in need, like how others have helped us without asking for any return.

- Leow Yong Sheng, Faculty of Science

I was awarded the book award in year 2 semester 2. The book award has helped me in lessening my financial burden for my family. There are a wide variety of items in NUS Coop you can purchase and use the book award to buy your essential needs to help with your schoolwork.

• Any words of encouragement for students who are thinking of applying for the Book Award?

There is no harm in applying for the Book Award and it will help you to lessen your family financial burden. Therefore, please apply for the Book Award if you need it.

- Tan Kang Hui, Millie, Faculty of Business

I received it in my final year and hence I passed it to my younger sister who just started her first year in NUS. She will be using it to purchase a new laptop as she does not have a laptop of her own. I am very thankful for this award as it reflects the support for undergraduates in need.
Don’t be afraid of applying, the committee will assess the eligibility of applicants.

- Liu Li Hui, Faculty of Medicine