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Applied Survey Methods : A Statistical Perspective
Co-op Member: S$62.64
Usual Price: S$69.55
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Global Edition 4e
Co-op Member: S$66.24
Usual Price: S$73.60
Bundle: Intl Discrete Mathematics W/App+
Co-op Member: S$92.07
Usual Price: S$102.24
Competitive Programming 4 Book 1
Nett Price: S$24.60
Competitive Programming 4 Book 2
Nett Price: S$29.60
Compilers: Principles, Techniques, And T
Co-op Member: S$69.12
Usual Price: S$76.80
Computer Networking
Co-op Member: S$67.50
Usual Price: S$75.00
Discrete Mathematics w/ Applications Metric Version
Co-op Member: S$79.83
Usual Price: S$88.70
Distributed Systems
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Enterprise Compliance Risk Management
Co-op Member: S$60.12
Usual Price: S$65.00
Executive' Guide To IT Governance
Co-op Member: S$0.00
Usual Price: S$0.00

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Modern Operating Sysytems
Co-op Member: S$67.14
Usual Price: S$74.60
Security in Computing (CS2107) 1e
Co-op Member: S$37.08
Usual Price: S$41.20
Starting Out with Python
Co-op Member: S$68.58
Usual Price: S$76.16
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