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Aan Thai: Basic Thai Reading Textbook
Nett Price: S$12.90
Ae Current Psychotherapies
Co-op Member: S$48.60
Usual Price: S$54.00
AE Sensation and Perception, 10e
Co-op Member: S$48.60
Usual Price: S$54.00

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Nett Price: S$1.00
Brief Interventions for Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Co-op Member: S$65.07
Usual Price: S$72.30
Casebook Abnormal Psychology
Co-op Member: S$54.45
Usual Price: S$60.50
Clinical Practice Of Cognitive Therapy With Children And Adolescents
Co-op Member: S$45.99
Usual Price: S$51.10

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Collected Readings on Community Developm
Nett Price: S$27.00
Culture and Psychology
Nett Price:
Democracy in America
Nett Price: S$40.30
Economics Book (Big Ideas)
Co-op Member: S$37.53
Usual Price: S$41.70

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Essential Skills in Family Therapy
Co-op Member: S$64.62
Usual Price: S$71.80
Exercising Muscles And Minds
Co-op Member: S$32.76
Usual Price: S$36.40
Foundations Of Group Counseling
Co-op Member: S$132.03
Usual Price: S$146.70
Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals
Nett Price: S$25.50
Handbook of Infant Mental Health
Co-op Member: S$93.96
Usual Price: S$104.40
Handbook of Pediatric Psychology
Co-op Member: S$77.85
Usual Price: S$86.50
Handbook of Personality Disorders: Theory, Research And Treatment
Co-op Member: S$106.20
Usual Price: S$118.00
Helping Couples and Families Navigate Illness and Disability : An Integrated Approach
Co-op Member: S$63.72
Usual Price: S$70.80
Informed Advocacy In Early Childhood Care And Education
Co-op Member: S$47.52
Usual Price: S$52.80
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