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Thoughtful ideas to make NUS Commencement’20/21 a special one

CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉🎉 After what feels like looooong years of undergraduate studies, it is finally time to graduate and to move on to start our careers! Yet, amidst the pandemic right now, how will Commencement’20/21 look like? Will it still be a memorable occasion like the other batches have enjoyed before us?

Though the COVID-19 situation seems to be turning everyone’s plans upside down — especially with the replacement of physical Commencement with a virtual one, that’s NO reason to cut down on the celebration of this significant milestone of our lives.

With a little thoughtfulness, creativity and positive thinking, we can still celebrate Commencement’20/21 in an unforgettable (and good) way. To further add a little cheer to the occasion, we have compiled 5 ideas (+ exclusive perks when you purchase with our partners with promo code: NUSGRAD2021) to get the ball rolling:

1. NUS official graduation Bears and Lions

No commencement ceremony in NUS is complete without the iconic NUS graduation Bears 🐻 and Lions 🦁. This tradition has been around since 2005, gracing batches of fresh grads year after year.

Look carefully and you can see that the Grad Bears and Lions are wearing the exact same gowns and hoods as you, who could easily pass off as another freshly-minted NUS graduate!

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2. Flower bouquets

Floral bouquets are a quintessential part of any celebratory experience. Through the years of NUS commencements we have been a part of, we noticed that bouquets are not only reserved for girls — guys alike also receive their fair share of congratulatory flowers.

Don’t you agree floral bouquets indeed lift up the mood for the occasion? This year, we work with Prince’s Flower Shop to offer an exclusive discount for all NUS Commencement’20/21 graduates.

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3. Academic Plaques

Photo credit: House of Poroseal

For those who prefer a more traditional and everlasting gift, what better than a sturdy plaque to immortalise this memory? If you’re looking for a place to customise an academic plaque, we recommend our partner House of Poroseal, which has a lifetime guarantee for all their plaques.

Their quality plaques are printed using a technology that permanently embeds into the pores of the aluminium which makes it impossible to peel. They are also free from discolouration and yellowing, making this a one-off investment will be one that will not fade away with time.

Specially for our NUS community, quote NUSGRAD2021 under the comments form for $20 off all plaques.
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4. Customised Art

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who likes all things novel, you are in for a treat! This year, we have partnered up with Alyletters for the launch of their latest graduation-themed products.

Trendy and aesthetic, these customised Gold Foil Framed art and Wooden Signages double up really nicely as a statement piece for your home.✨✨ Talk about accomplishing two benefits for the price of one!

Customised Gold Foil Framed Art
Hand drawn & illustrated with a keen attention to detail, these gold foiled artworks are not only great forever keepsakes, but the perfect gift to honour, celebrate & appreciate your graduating loved one.

Customised Wooden Signage
Meticulously designed & delicately assembled, Aly's Wooden Signages are durable & stand the test of time. Wooden boards are treated with high quality wood dye & sealed in with a waterproof matte sticker, preserving it forever.

These lasting signages can be kept for life as a sweet memento of your special uni years. Get one today as the perfect gift to honour, celebrate & appreciate your graduating loved one.

What’s more, all NUS graduates of Commencement’20/21 get to enjoy a complimentary customisable ‘congratulations’ card + free wrapping (promo code: NUSGRAD2021)!

How to order:
Simply pick from 3 different designs, and customise your text (name, faculty, graduating cohort).

*Do note that you have to add the grad card to cart, then input the discount code for it to work.

P.S. Remember to key in promo code NUSGRAD2021 at checkout to enjoy the complimentary customised card + free wrapping service.
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5. Professional photography services

If you’re like any other Asian family, it won’t come as a shock to you that your parents may expect you to carry on the tradition of taking a customary family graduation shot. Which looks something like this:

Photo credit: Werkz Photography

Or this:

Photo credit: Werkz Photography

Alternatively, you could opt for a professional solo portrait, complete with the full ensemble of backdrop, NUS gown and matching bear to officiate this milestone in your life.

To make your memories even sweeter, here’s a special package with our partner Werkz Photography, just for NUS Commencement’20/21 graduates:


  • 1pc of 11”x14” canvas print with exclusive frame (family)
  • Complimentary 1pc of 8”x10” digital print in exclusive folder (individual)
  • 1 x Complimentary resume photo for graduate (applicable to purchases done by 30th June 2021)
  • PACKAGE B - S$150

  • 1pc 8”x10” canvas print with exclusive frame
  • 1 x Complimentary resume photo for graduate (applicable to purchases done by 30th June 2021)
  • Things to note:
    *Gowns may be borrowed at the studio for the photo shoot, and the gowns will be sanitized after every session.
    *All photoshoot packages purchased with the discount code come with no expiry date, upon full payment made.

    To enjoy this special package, key in promo code: NUSGRAD2021 under ‘Remarks’ in the booking form. Click here to purchase.

    See you at Commencement'21!